About Us

Welcome to the EEC castings-and-forgings.com site, with over 35 years of supplying components to industry. We offer a commercial production solution with our group of manufacturing companies based in the UK & overseas.

Since establishing the business in 1978, we have gained an enviable reputation as a leading casting & forging supplier in the UK, providing the best pricing and supply arrangements for our customers.

As a result we have established a customer service philosophy committed to providing a straightforward purchasing experience supported by a friendly and experienced team.

With integrated quality procedures with British Standards (BSI ISO 9001:2008 accredited) in the company operation to ensure continuous improvement and substantial investment in our warehousing facilities to ensure delivery expectations are met, we can provide quality and delivery to clients at competitive prices.

The commercial service we offer:

  • Steel forgings standard and custom made & finished for a variety of industries from a few grams up to 500 kgs on special requests
    • We produce a wide range of finished, semi-finished or raw products in any type of steel and metal such as aluminium, titanium & brass.
  • Castings via our group overseas partners.
  • CNC machine finishing – these services can be offered both locally as well as overseas
    • Machining locally to suit changing schedule productions.
  • Inspection & Remediation – All product inspected to quality standards prior to product dispatch
    • Local inspection & rectification facility.
  • UK distribution on all parts, via our central England warehouse complex, to offer a Just-In-Time delivery service
    • Parts can also be delivered into works direct or via our managed warehoused system.

Quality Systems

BSI ISO 9001:2008 accredited

  • Conformity to our high quality system of procedures is at the centre of our operation
  • Objectives are met through continuous improvement and internal audits, with the sole aim to provide products and services which give total satisfaction to our customers.

Please call or email us to discuss further.