12th October 2016

Castings re-shored back to the UK

On the 29th Sep 2016 the Engineering Capacity (EC) reported signs of castings being re-shored back the UK, at least for Mark Aluminium Die Casting and the site based at Colwyn Bay. These discussions boast that there is still a strong manufacturing base established in the UK.

David Lewis, plant manager of Mark Aluminium Die Castings believes that the secret is to be flexible, offer specialist technical support and differentiate company services. He also thinks the key is in maintaining high standards of quality and finding ways to be cost competitive. Mr Lewis also commented: “It is a fact of life that when we look at some the recent great success stories of British manufacturing we have Japanese, Americans, Germans and now Indians to thank for investing and helping the country reap the rewards. JLR is a fantastic example of successful investment in a UK brand and manufacturing, some fast and flexible management, financing and decision making releasing a huge wave of potential. All the support services and supply companies benefit, and so does the country as a whole.”

Mark Aluminium Die Casting is also part of an Indian owned manufacturing group and they make no apologies for that, on the contrary, Mr Lewis advised “we are cost competitive and successful, with plenty of potential for further growth”.

EC reports that the company has worked with a number of UK, EU and Far Eastern suppliers to develop tooling – the main start-up cost of a casting project – in order to offer quality tools at competitive prices that match a customer’s demands.


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