13th December 2016

GKN Driveline to expand Program with BMW using Bruneck forgings

It was report in late November 2016 that GKN Driveline is to extend a global partnership with BMW to include supplying electric axle drive systems for a plug-in hybrid version of the BMW X1 crossover vehicle, for the Chinese market. The new driveline system is part of a scalable family of eAxles used in the plug-in […]

12th October 2016

Castings re-shored back to the UK

On the 29th Sep 2016 the Engineering Capacity (EC) reported signs of castings being re-shored back the UK, at least for Mark Aluminium Die Casting and the site based at Colwyn Bay. These discussions boast that there is still a strong manufacturing base established in the UK. David Lewis, plant manager of Mark Aluminium Die Castings believes that the secret is to […]

12th September 2016

UK based Forge master secures two contracts worth more than £4.5m

Engineering Capacity reports on 12/09/16 that Sheffield Forgemasters’ has secured two contracts worth more than £4.5m with Russian and German steel companies. The contracts are for a range of work which will be supplied to Russian steel giant Severstal and to Germany’s only tinplate manufacturer ThyssenKrupp Rasselstein *. We understand that Sheffield Forgemasters’ now supply more […]

28th July 2016

Schuler Delivers Largest Hammer to China

An article of general interest from late Jun ’16. Reported by “Forge” on 28/06/16 that Schuler delivered a counterblow hammer with a working capacity of 800 kilojoules for the manufacture of crankshafts to China. It is reported ‘to be the largest counterblow hammer that Schuler has delivered to China. Once installed, the pneumatically driven counterblow […]

20th May 2016

UK regulator advised on Areva-supplied forgings

Report from the WNN (World Nuclear News) Paperwork related to the manufacture of components for use in UK nuclear power plants by Areva’s Le Creusot forge may contain “inconsistencies, modifications or omissions”, the French nuclear regulator has advised its British counterpart. The Sizewell B reactor is the only UK reactor to feature such parts. Full […]

23rd March 2016

Global Forging Market 2016-2020 Report

One of the world’s largest market-research sources recently announced the availability of the Global Forging Market 2016-2020 report. The four-year research study predicts the global forging market to exhibit a healthy CAGR (compound annual growth rate*) of around 8% during the forecast period [* the mean annual growth rate of an investment over a specified period […]