Welcome an EEC Group business, bringing together our group of world wide & well trusted casting & forging manufacturers & machinists, with the sole aim to:

  • To offer a supply solution with the objectives to meet the customers product needs both on budget, on time & with our British Standards ISO 9001 quality system in place to give our customers the highest possible level of satisfaction.


Below is a brief overview but please do make contact to discuss further.

Our reputation is built on:

  • A long history. Successfully supplying steel components since 1978.
  • Quality of our services. As we provide to a wide range of different sectors, quality backed up with exceptional service is of great importance to us.
  • Ability to react quickly & professionally. Our primary aim is to manufacture components that deliver total satisfaction to our customers and exceed their expectations in terms of quality, reliability and durability. Our in-house logistics team will deliver locally or nationally 24hrs a day 7 days a week.

EEC production methods. By combining technology, our knowledge and experience with the highly skilled team at our forges, foundries and machining centres we are able to provide component solutions with assurance.

How can we help?

  • We have been operating in the Castings & Forgings industry for over 3 decades
  • Have a wealth of experience from initial concept right the way through to consignment stocking & delivering daily parts required from our Central England dopot (see photo below).
  • Our forte has traditional been in forging but in recent times with changes in demand, materials, processes & oversees sourcing we offer a solution for Castings.

Brief summary of the services:


  • High quality, flexible batch sizes & low cost forging production solution
    • Production from both our in-house forging supply & overseas units.


  • Offering a service for investment casting and die casting production, where forging is not suitable or requested.
    • We offer a fully risk managed and quality assured best value Asian based supply of cast components with additional local services for machining, heat treatment and assembly.


Logistics & distribution:

  • Features of our distribution and supply solution:
    • Warehousing & Distribution
      Consignment Stock
      Transport & delivery Services
      Packaging Solutions


  • Central England warehouse complex, we have:
    • A capacity of over 12,000 sq feet for our distribution and storage operations, with the option to increase. Complete site remote CCTV and onsite security. Established distribution links from Europe to the UK with trucks, containers and air freight.


Best value components from our overseas production – what can we offer?:

  • We are aware of the intense commercial pressures that customers face – traditional models for sourcing metal components for the supply chain has become a much more complex process.   Significant cost savings can be made by seeking a supply source outside of Europe, in particular India, China and Korea.
  • However, there are challenges in managing this process – understanding and evaluating a forge or foundry’s capabilities, competencies, quality and capacity remotely can prove difficult and risky for mission critical components.
  • Managing the competitive tendering process and overseeing a project right through to consignment shipping and just in time delivery to your production line can be a time consuming and challenging process.
  • Developments in metal alloy technology and processes are happening all the time. Asian and domestic forges and foundry’s are developing different key areas of expertise.

We can help you here by managing the new part creation from inception through to stock holding and delivering

  • If you are unsure which manufacturing process is the most appropriate and cost effective method for your required specification, we can support you in the process.
  • There are pro’s and con’s in sourcing from a Domestic Supplier and an Asian supplier and both have to be evaluated carefully to ensure the best fit for the requirements.

Please call or email us to discuss further.