20th May 2016

UK regulator advised on Areva-supplied forgings

Report from the WNN (World Nuclear News)

Paperwork related to the manufacture of components for use in UK nuclear power plants by Areva’s Le Creusot forge may contain “inconsistencies, modifications or omissions”, the French nuclear regulator has advised its British counterpart. The Sizewell B reactor is the only UK reactor to feature such parts.

Full story can be found here

Areva’s Creusot Forge and Creusot Mécanique subsidiaries are specialized in the supply of big forgings and castings destined mainly for the nuclear industry. Creusot Forge is one of a few facilities that can produce the heavy nuclear-grade forgings required for large components such as steam generators, reactor pressure vessels and primary pumps. Creusot Mécanique, meanwhile, carries out precision finish machining on large components.

A high carbon content in certain parts prompted Areva to review the company’s quality process in 2015.

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